Fellowship Committee|

Report from Fellowship Committee (2010 – 2012)

Co-Chairs: Grace Au, Winnie Wong

The fellowship committee has organized 18 events during the 2010-2012 biennium. Each event was well attended and supported by our members and families. Through these events, our bondage grew and our Zontian spirit kept high. We started off with a trip to the Shanghai World Expo in September 2010. We attended the 2011 International Flora Expo and visited the famous Juming Museum in Taipei. We joined the Area 2 Meeting in Singapore and took part in the District 17 conference in Manila. We spent a weekend at the Galaxy Resort and enjoyed diversified cuisines in Macau. In between these trips, we attended the Area 2 meetings and dinners in Hong Kong. We organized 2 concerts and a private movie with a full house of 50 Zontians, families and friends. We enjoyed our Chinese New Year fellowships, a few gourmet dinners, a flower arrangement workshop, the Tai Tam trail walk and a trip to the HK geological Park, a gemstone at our backyard. We concluded our fellowship events with a high note, a celebration dinner to thank all the hard work and support that fellow members put in for our 30th Anniversary and Fundraising Gala Dinner back in March 2012.

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