Fellowship Committee|

Report from Fellowship Committee (2008 – 2010)

Co-Chairmen: Anne Chen, Angela Ho

During the past 2 years, the Fellowship Committee had organized more than 16 events. There were both local and overseas trips. In HK, members were invited to visit the then newly opened Noah’s Ark and joined other fellow Zontians on an outing to Ngong Ping where members had a ride in the cable cars. Overseas trips include a relaxing trip to Interlaken Hotel in Shenzhen and a wild shopping and dining weekend in Shanghai, expertly arranged by ex-President Teresa Lin. We went with empty luggages and returned with excess baggage charges. Other dining experiences include a vegetarian dinner at Pure Veggie House, a romantic Valentine’s BBQ at the HKJC where members were dressed mostly in laces, a charity dinner to raise funds for orphans of aids parents, karaoke at the Dynasty Club and a 60’s themed dinner at the famed Luk Yu Teahouse. We thank you for the enthusiastic support shown by members and their spouses towards our functions. We hope to have provided a wide variety of events to cater to the different interests of members. Through participating in these events, members are able to interact with each other and, at the same time, find meaning in assisting others and learning more about their community in some events or simply enjoy and relax in others.

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