Board of Directors 2022-2024

President Wency Ho 何韻施
1st Vice President Lilian Lau 劉麗蓮
2nd Vice President Laura Cozijnsen 高家玉
Hon. Treasurer
General Fund
Elizabeth Law 羅君美
Hon Treasurer Charitable Trust Maggie Du 杜春梅
Hon Secretary Recording & Correspondence Cassandra Lo 盧巧堃
Hon Secretary Attendance Lily Wu 胡麗菽
Directors Betty Fu 傅金女
  Angelina Law 羅元徽
  Teresa Lin 林劉淑英 
  Florence Yip 葉招桂芳
  Winnie CS Wong 黃子遜
Ex-Officio Anna Lee 李詩詠

Committee Chairs 2022-2024

Advocacy – Teresa Lin, Elizabeth Law
Membership – Tina Kwan, Monita So
Club Historian – Betty Fu,  and Archivist – Beatrice Wen
Programme – Janice Choi, Lily Tsang
Environmental – Mabel Mak, Shirley Chan
PR & Communications – Irene Chan, Laura Cozijnsen
Fellowship – Beatrice Wen, Cindy Young
Service – Petrina Tam, Maggie Du, Patricia Yeung
Finance – Elizabeth Law, Maggie Du
SOM (Zonta Club of NTII) – Margaret Chan, Winnie Wong
Fund Raising – Betty Chan, Winnie CS Wong
Z Club – Angelina Law, Betty Chan
Golden Z – Betty Fu, Florence Yip
Legal Affairs, Bylaws and Resolutions – Angela Ho, Queenie Yeung
United Nations – Angela Ho


Name (ENG) Name (CHIN) Occupational Description  Code 
AU, Grace 區王榮香 Civil Service Manager 1112
CHAN, Betty  陳瑞芳 Public Relations Manager 1299
CHAN, Eunice  陳淑賢 Translator 2529
CHAN, Eva 陳潔華 Architect 2121
CHAN, Irene  陳文端 Public Relations Manager 1299
CHAN, Margaret 陳羅玉蓮  Assistant School Principal 1293
CHAN, Michelle  陳雲美 Business Manager 1112
CHAN, Nancy 陳林詩 Human Resources Manager 1213
CHAN, Vanessa 陳佩詩 Chartered / Certified Accountant 2211
CHENG, Elizabeth  鄭曾靜英 Architect 2121
CHEUNG, Jennifer  張蕙然 Media Professional 2539
CHOI, Janice 蔡關穎琴 Solicitor 2521
CHUNG, Rose  鍾孆誼 Company Director-Insurance 1115
COZIJNSEN, Laura  高家玉 Public Relations Consultant 2223
DU, Maggie  杜春梅 Bank Manager  3211
FU, Betty 傅金女 Civil Service Manager 1112
FUNG, Sabrina 馮海莉 Solicitor 2521
HO, Angela 何文琪 Solicitor 2521
HO, Wency  何韻施 Medical Practitioner, Specialist 2312
HUNG, Christina  洪惠貞 Solicitor 2521
KWAN, Tina  關慧萍 Optometrist 2384
KWOK, Marisa 郭婉雯 Company Director-Telecommunications 1115
LAM, Vivian  林詠榆 Medical Practitioner, Generalist  2311
LAU, Edwina  劉賜蕙 Commissioned Police Officer 3911
LAU, Lilian  劉麗蓮 Hospital Administrator 1112
LAW, Angelina  羅元徽 Senior Official in Special Interest Organization 1114
LAW, Elizabeth 羅君美 Chartered / Certified Accountant 2211
LEE, Anna  李詩詠 Hospital Pharmacist 2382
LIN, Teresa 林劉淑英 Bank Manager 3211
LING, Madeleine 林月華 Company Director- I.T. 1115
LO, Amy 盧彩雲 Bank Manager 3211
LO, Cassandra 盧巧堃 Jewellery or Precious Metal Artist  2131
LUI, Eileen  呂慧玲 Company Director-Human Resources 1115
LUI, Paddy  呂慧瑜 Company Director-Hotels 1115
MA, Jackie  馬黎碧蓮 Senior Official in Special Interest Organization 1114
MAK, Mabel  麥樂嫦 Civil Service Manager 1112
MAN, Viola  文綺慧 Director / Chinese Medication 1115
NG, Angela 伍靜薇 Administrator-Advertising 1231
NG, Jennie  伍菁華                       Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 2312
Sham, Emmy  岑瑛媚 Investor-Private or own funds 1299
SIU, Alice 蕭莊秀純 Company Director-Real Estate 1115
SIU, Wendy 蕭郭湘圓 Company Director-Home Interiors 1115
SO, Monita 蘇翠霞 Hospital Administrator 1112
TAM, Petrina 譚唐毓麗 Chartered / Certified Accountant 2211
TSANG, Lili  曾雪麗 Ballet School Principal / Teacher 2491
TSE, Mowana 謝慕蘊 Fashion Designer 2533
TSUI, Shirley 徐巧嬌 Company Director-Fashion 1115
WEN, Beatrice  聞張麗儀 Financial Investment Adviser 3231
WONG, Connie  王惠貞 Managing Director 1151
WONG, Karen  王羅桂華 Company Director-Property 1115
WONG, Louisa  黃德如 Chinese Medicine Practitioner  2394
WONG, Wai Sum  黃慧心 Senior Government or Statutory Board Official 1111
WONG, Winnie  黃陸永恩 Company Director-Publications 1115
WONG, Winnie C.S.        黃子遜 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Non-government 1117
WU, Lily 胡麗菽 Jewellery or Precious Metal Artist 2531
YEUNG, Patricia 楊淑君 Company Director-Communications 1115
YEUNG, Queenie 楊素芳  Solicitor 2521
YIP, Florence   葉招桂芳  Chartered / Certified Accountant 2211
YOUNG, Cindy  楊章桂芝 Company Director-Travel and Tourism 1115

Updated December, 2022.

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