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Environmental protection and Low-Carbon Living can be practised by all to save the world.

You, your colleagues, family members and friends can support daily by:

◇ Understand and practise Low-Carbon Living
◇ Choose seasonal low-carbon cooking ingredients
◇ Energy-Saving cooking methods


The Zonta Club of the New Territories (Zonta NT) and Green Hub have tailor-made an interesting and fun Low-Carbon Cooking Workshop to educate the public. 

Tips on Low-Carbon Cooking and Living 低碳生活小貼士

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Zonta NT is a non-profit charity organization. During the past 40 years, Zonta NT has played a significant role in serving our community. We organize fund raising events periodically and use the proceeds to fund projects to meet the changing needs of our community. For the 2024 Fund Raising Project, we have chosen the theme of “Low-Carbon Cooking and Living for the Environment and the Future” and will work together with 21 companies/organizations to promote low-carbon cooking and living.


The Low-Carbon Cooking Workshop includes a practical cooking session choosing low-carbon ingredients and cooking methods to cook healthy and delicious food as well as an introduction on low carbon living practices. The promotion of Low-Carbon Cooking and Living will help to save resources and energy for sustainable living. Each participant will also be taught to grow a pot of herbs and take home as cooking ingredients.


More than 200 company staff, customers as well as some primary, secondary and university students will join the workshops and afterwards share the Low-Carbon Living tips with other staff and friends.


List of Sponsors

Gold Sponsors:

1. The Hong Kong and China Gas Co. Ltd.
2. Hong Kong Life Insurance Ltd
3. Hong Kong Tianjin Business and Professional Women Association
4. K. Wah International Holdings Limited
5. Uniocean Corp Ltd

Silver Sponsors:

1. Alice and Billy Siu
2. AR Charitable Foundation Ltd
3. Asia Insurance Co., Ltd & Avo Insurance Company Limited
4. AXA Hong Kong & Macau
5. Camolin Investments Ltd.
6. CSOP Asset Management Limited
7. Golden Resources Development Ltd
8. Lang Qing Charity Limited
9. LMCHING Group Limited
10. Lo Ka Chung Charitable Foundation Limited
12. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wen
13. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chan
14. Sunwah Kingsway Capital Holdings Ltd
15. Teresa Lin
16. Watsons Water

Publication and Production Sponsor:
Chan’s Creative School 

Workshop Partner:
Green Hub


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