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Report from Fellowship Committee (2004 – 2006)

Fellowship Committee Report

Pasy Ip & Beatrice Wen

The Fellowship Committee is pleased to confirm that there were twenty-two fellowship events held during the biennium 2004-2006. To meet the variety of interests of all members, the activities were in fact quite diverse, ranging from gourmet dining to exotic/hard-ship trip to remote village in Guizhou. Participation was high, averaging 14 members per event. The highest attendance rate being 64 participants of which 21 were members and remaining being family members. There were in fact 18 events attended by more than 11 members.

Of the twenty-two events, five were overnight/overseas trips, some included other sister zonta clubs as well. They were: Joint Zonta Clubs Fellowship; Trip to Macau; a social service on-site event jointly organized with fellowship committee to visit a primary school donated by our club in a remote village in Quizhou; District Conference in Kuantan (Malaysia); overnight week-end trip to Disneyland and Area 2 Meeting in Bangkok. The most rewarding one was the trip to the poor rural area of Quizhou, which was an eye opener to city dwellers like us. A group of 64 people including fifteen members and their families had a wonderful, fun-filled and relaxed weekend at Hong Kong Disneyland in October; thanks to Irene Hao who had made VIP arrangements for the participants both at the hotel and the Disney Park, making the stay at Disneyland perfectly smooth and enjoyable. Five concerts and/or musicals were arranged and six gourmet-dining experiences were held. Charity was extended while holding fellowship activities as we participated Gala Premiere organized by fund raising committee of other non-profit organizations.

To conclude, the fellowship committee is happy to report that the zontian spirit among the club is high and bondages among members are very strong.

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