Advocacy Committee|

Report from Advocacy Committee (2018-2020)

Co-chairs: Betty Fu, Anne Chen

Organised in collaboration with a social enterprise in October 2018, 14 girls from a rehabilitation home for drug abusers were sponsored to attend a three-month holistic training course through Thai boxing. Aimed at bolstering their self-confidence, self-image as a result of weight loss, courage, perseverance, physical strength, attention span and protecting them from physical and sexual abuse, the course includes two workshops on sex education. The girls were also provided information on where to seek help for victims of violence. On successful completion of the course, one girl was employed by the social enterprise as an assistant coach.

With a view to coaching young people against dating violence, our Club commissioned Tung Wah Group to organise a “LOVE” project. During February 2018 to June 2019, 65 secondary school students from form three to form five were invited to take part in a series of educational activities on dating. To evaluate the effectiveness of the educational activities, Tung Wah Group has engaged the help of the Social and Behavioural Department of the City University. The findings are that participants have, on the whole, gained more self-respect and resilience. They have learned that they could not resort to violence in dating. Rather, they recognised that they had to trust each other and communicate well in a good relationship.

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