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Report from Membership Committee (2018-2020)

Co-chairs: Alice Siu, Marisa Kwok

Membership was one of the significant strategies to achieve our centennial goal of strengthening our resources to support our mission. Building on our membership formula, we focused on the 3Rs of Membership – Recruit, Retain, Rejuvenate.

We executed on recruitment criteria that were particularly relevant to our Club. We targeted candidates who were prepared to embrace our mission and passion for empowering women; who preferably brought new knowledge and skills into our already rich resources, and younger members without compromising the requirement for outstanding achievement in their profession. During the Term, we installed three new members who satisfied our aforementioned criteria. They were: Connie Wong, ex-banker turned entrepreneur; Dr. Wency Ho, specialist in geriatrics, and Laura Cozijnsen, media & marketing professional. We recognized the importance of member engagement for Retention and Rejuvenation. Our Committee embraced engagement through members undertaking Officers and Committee responsibilities, personal contact and fellowship functions to boost the Zonta spirit. Thanks to our Committee Members Teresa Lin, Petrina Tam, Yvonne Chua and Lilian Lau, we were successful in accelerating our members’ engagement and rejuvenation. As a result, we delivered a net gain of three, making our total membership 57.

Recruitment, Retention and Rejuvenation of the right members remain our Committee’s top priority. We will continuously enhance our best practice through our learnings, listening, sharing and caring. As we celebrated Zonta’s Centennial Anniversary, with passion and unity, we look forward to building an even stronger and closer Zonta family.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

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