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Report from Environmental Committee (2018-2020)

Co-chairs: Mabel Mak, Angelina Law

On an average day, Hong Kong continues to produce close to 50,000 tons of solid wastes. To provide a firsthand update on this hot subject to our fellow Zontians, we have invited Mr. C.W. Tse, Under-secretary of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, to give a very informative presentation in March 2019. More than forty Zontians and friends participated in this event.
In conjunction with Wing Han Educational Foundation, we have launched the green program – “One Family, One Heart, Green Living Together (一家人,一條心,一起環保之綠色生活)” in five primary schools. The aim of the program is to encourage students to adopt a lifestyle consistent with sustainability, waste recycling and keeping pace with current environmental issues. A total of 600 students participated in this program. Major activities during 2018 – 2020 include:
Conducting a series of environmental talks, covering waste reduction, smart city, green reporting and green drama, in the five schools. Field trips were also organized for the students to visit T Park to learn about converting waste into energy.

In December 2019, a waste reduction campaign was launched in the SKH Good Shepherd Primary School to promote waste recycling awareness by using waste materials for Christmas decorations.
In January 2020, we organized a DIY waste reduction workshop in the Precious Blood Primary School (Wah Fu Estate). Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, we also conducted e-learning classes to teach the students to make environmentally friendly enzymes as household cleaning agent.

In February to April 2020, we conducted a series of e-learning classes to the student of Precious Blood Primary School (South Horizons) illustrating the design of a mini aquaponic system to raise fish and grow plants within a closed-system of recirculation – fish waste as nutrients for plants.

In addition, two site visits have been scheduled in June 2020 for (a) the Assembly of God Church Primary School students to visit Fanling Environmental Resource Centre of the Environmental Protection Department with the objective to update them with the current environmental issues; and (b) the Fuk Wing Street Government Primary School students to visit the Eco Park to learn about the recycling industries.

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