The New Generation’s Views on the Hong Kong Spirit and Hong Kong’s Future

The “Echoes of the Rainbow” Charity Film Show and Fondly Recognised Hong Kong Brands Award Ceremony organised by the Zonta Club of the New Territories was held with great success at Theatre 1 and 2 of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 28 February 2010.

In addition to bringing out the Hong Kong Spirit through the Film Show and Award Ceremony, we have also taken the opportunity to invite 8 prominent leaders from different sectors to talk about their own interpretation and experience of the Hong Kong Spirit as “My Views on the Hong Kong Spirit” published in the Event Brochure (see below). Our project will not be complete without letting the New Generation tell us their own interpretation of the Hong Kong Spirit and their thoughts on Hong Kong’s Future.

We highly recommend the young generation to watch the film — “The Echoes of the Rainbow”. If you belong to the young generation and are interested to express your views, read what some of our leaders have said about the Hong Kong Spirit and then send us your own views on the Hong Kong Spirit and Hong Kong’s Future via email to: (Attn: Ms Betty Chan). You can also contact Ms Betty Chan for enquiries.

The project is open to all secondary and university students via the whole Zonta network in Hong Kong and also via newspaper and publicity channels. All Zonta NT members will vote on the submitted compositions and selected essays will be published in Zonta NT’s website as “The New Generation’s Views on the Hong Kong Spirit and Hong Kong’s Future”. Zonta NT will present souvenirs to the shortlisted students.

Awardees 得獎作品 :

A. Essays 短文撰寫:
1. Secondary Schools 中學組

St. Stephen’s Girls College 聖士提反女子中學(1, 2, 3)
Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School 王肇枝中學(1, 2, 3, 4)
Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School 仁濟醫院王華湘中學 (1, 2)
St Mark’s School 聖馬可中學(1, 2)
Woldingham School , UK (1)

2. Universities 大學組

University of Hong Kong 香港大學(1)
City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學(1)
Polytechnic University 香港理工大學(1)
University of London 倫敦大學學院(1)

B. Song from Rex/MC Jin (The Hong Kong Spirit Theme Song )

歌曲創作: 陳雋良、歐陽靖、姜文杰、姜麗文《香港精神主題曲》

Song (Hand in Hand ) and Graphic Design (Thieves of Time) from MOWA Band

歌曲及標誌創作: MOWA 樂隊 《手牽手》

C. Porcelain Painting by Anne Chen

D. Model of Law Kee Shoes Shop Painting by Catherine Tang

E. Recipe of Harmony and Kinship Rice by Ben L.

F. Nail Design

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