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Young Mother Project is a self-help mutual aid group formed by grassroots-level young mothers. This project aims to enhance their self-confidence to facilitate their personal growth through training workshops and activities on self-understanding, leadership skills and young women empowerment.

This project support more than 200 beneficiaries, including both the mother, their kids and their families. Assessments is initially provided including physical and mental health, parenting practice, education level and their family background. Activities is held monthly includes my family tree supportive network, team buildings, outings, festival gatherings and specific trainings to enhance their communication skills, stress awareness and emotional support. Under the pandemic of COVID-19, strengthening their peer network is important. The group is further expanded by promotion and recruitment among the members. The social worker will identity some core group young mothers to become “train the trainer” who will undergo a series of leadership training sessions for empowerment in order to facilitate a mutual support in the group to make a change in the future.

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