Z Club and Golden Z Club Committee|

Report from Golden Z Committee (2018-2020)

Co-Chairs: Lilian Lau, Queenie Yeung

Based on The District 17 goals, namely,

a) Say No to Violence,

b) Ending Child Marriage and

c) Gender Equality,

Our activities include:-

1. Attending an exhibition for the Celebration of Rose Day organised by ClubZagacious (2018-2019) on body visuals (皮內有人), followed by watching a documentary called (身訴) and a discussion thereafter. Participants got to deepen their understanding and concern of the abuse of women.

2. Donating long hair by members for making wigs for women cancer patients.

3. One of the imminent needs of women is to catch up with their children regarding the cyber knowledge to enable them to communicate with their children. Some smart phone workshops were held for this purpose

4. There is an ongoing Children Mentorship program for children from underprivileged families (involving the Boys and Girls Club Association of HK Ma On Shan East Children and Youth Integrated Service Centre).

  • The activities include reading fair; robot car workshop; movie watching and a fun fair day with parents and children visiting the CU campus. Some 30 such children were made aware of child abuse and child neglect issues. In this connection, some workshops were held on health education and parent- child communication in English.
  • Other family activities include cooking class, moon cakes making class and leather making workshops held in the community throughout this biennium.

5. GZC members have participated in the Joint Club LegCo Mock debate held on 17 Nov 2018 together with 3 other Golden Z clubs.

6. A joint visit to Disneyland for underprivileged children was jointly organised by HKU GZC and HKCU GZC.

7. A fact sheet was put up in webpages of all Z clubs to link up Z and GZ Clubs. This will enable Z girls to know more about the GZ so as to encourage them to join GZ in future.

8. We are pleased that there are three applications respectively for YWPA Award, Scholarship for Women in Technology and Emma K Conlon Award.

9. 16 Days of Activism—members attended the event on 25 November, 2019 and supported by wearing the stickers for “Say No to Child Marriage “.

In conclusion, it is unfortunate that during this biennium, our Club has endured a half year’s social unrest which has resulted in a disrupted campus life, followed by the outbreak of Corvid-19 pandemic in January which has resulted in Campus closure.

We hope the Club in the next term can keep up with our spirit and continue to serve the community.

We believe every little step counts in making the future society happier for all.

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