Z Club and Golden Z Club Committee|

Report from Z Club Committee 2012-2014

Co-Chairmen: Pasy Ip, Beatrice Wen

Our Z Club of Sacred Heart Canossian College has been very active during the biennium 2012 – 2014 with thirteen activities being held during the two academic school years. These activities range from simple community services showing their love and care for the elderly by paying visits to nursing homes to participation in seminars involving environmental issues by joining in the Z Carbon Pioneer programme as well as women in public and political life forum. Several career talks given by Zontians were held at school and mentoring programs such as job shadowing were organized for twenty-one F.5 Z girls during Easter which involves not only Zontians’ participation but also some of their firms and colleagues. Bonding between our two clubs has strengthened as a result of all these activities.

Below please find the list of activities held:-

Law Firm visit to Angela Ho & Associates (18/10/2012)

Career Talk given by Betty Fu on becoming civil servants (10/12/2012)
Participation in School’s Fun Fair – Career’z ExplorerZ booth (2/2/2013)
Lunar New Year Joint School Event Service Project with St. Mary’s Canossian College:

Visited the elderly in Sheng Kung Hui Nursing Home –

Orientation Day (15/2/2013)
Service Day (18/2/2013)
Attending Women in Public and Political Life Forum (20/4/2013)
Attended the mock Legislative Council Debate (20/4/2013)
‘Dialogue in the dark’ activity (11/5/2013)

Z Carbon Pioneer Programme:

Visited the Zero Carbon Building in HK (5/10/2013)
Visited Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden (12/10/2013)
Participated in the Barter Fair (17-19/12/2013)
Lunar New Year Joint School Service Project with St. Mary’s Canossian College (5, 7 /2/2014)
Joint School social service projects Famine 10 (17,21/4/2014)

Left: Group photo taken on the Orientation Day
Right: Logo designed for the whole project
Attended the mock legislative council debate (29/3/2014 & 26/4/2014)
Job shadowing Programme sponsored by Zontians and their firms (16-23/4/2014)

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