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Report from Environmental Committee (2016-2018)

Co-chairs: Winnie Wong, Patricia Yeung

During the 2016-18 biennium, our Club sponsored a school-wide Green project in 10 primary schools to enhance among the young awareness of protecting our environment and making good use of food waste. The programme covered three areas.

Production of Organic Cleaning Agent – Under the supervision of a teacher, about 50 students from each school participated in a scientific experiment which turned orange peels supplied by our service partner, Wing Han Education Foundation, into an organic detergent after fermentation. The detergent is now being used by the students for washing hands and by the cleaners of the schools as a substitute for commercially available detergents which generally contain toxins harmful to the environment.

Tree Planting at School Campuses – The participating schools were supplied with seeds and students were taught to collect organic fertilizers from egg shells, ground coffee and tea leaves waste for planting lemon and papaya trees etc. at the school premises. Throughout the period, students were asked to submit regular reports of their observations. School Outings – Under the programme, our club also sponsored outings for each school to visit organic farms and other waste recycling facilities in the territory to educate students on environmental protection.

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