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Report from Environmental Committee (2002 – 2004)

Co-chairmen: Mabel Mak, Elizabeth Cheng

We have supported two major environmental projects this biennium.

Waste Separation Scheme in Pre-schools:

To enhance pre-school children’s understanding of the importance of conserving resources and the concepts of waste reduction, separation and recycling, the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), Education Department (ED) (merged with the Education and Manpower Bureau since 1 January 2003) and Environmental Protection Department (EPD) have co-organized the “Waste Separation Scheme in Pre-schools”. Our club has provided a sponsorship of $150,000 to the Scheme to produce waste separation bin models for all pre-schools to teach students about waste reduction, separation and recycling. These bin models were delivered to schools in early 2003. They are well liked by pre-school teachers, as they are very useful tools for demonstration and teaching about waste separation.

Besides the waste separation bin models, the participating schools of the “Waste Separation Scheme in Pre-schools” will receive more environmental educational materials later on for enhancing the pre-school teachers’ knowledge about waste reduction, separation and recycling. These educational materials include the “Environmental Green Treasury Box” that consists of a number of interesting teaching kits, the “Waste Separation Game for Pre-schools”, the “Waste Management Game for Pre-schools” and the “Waste Separation Demonstration Kit for Pre-school”.

Z-Clubs Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme

Fifteen members from the Z-Clubs of the New Territories participated in the Z-Clubs Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme 2003/04, 2002/03, jointly organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and the Zonta Clubs.

The Z-Clubs Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme was first launched in 1999, with the purpose to:
l Promote environmental awareness of youth members of the Z-club;
l Encourage Z-club members to take part in environmental protection activities; and
l Promote a sustainable and healthy living environment to the public.

The Z-Clubs Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme 2003/04 started in June 2003, and the project completed in March 2004.

Four half-day training workshops were organized (on 25 October, 22 November and 10 January 2004). Environmental topics covered in the workshops include:
l Sustainable Development
l Air Pollution
l Renewable Energy
l Conservation
l Biodiversity
l Eco-tourism
l China’s Effort in Environmental Protection
l Organic Farming
l Waste Problems and Solutions
l Green Consumerism
l Green Management in School

Each participant attended two workshops, and carried out visits to Mai Po Nature Reserve in December 2003. The participants then submitted their site visit reports and were awarded with the honour of Environmental Protection Ambassadors.

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