Z Club and Golden Z Club Committee|

Report from Z Club and Golden Z Club Committee 2010-2012

Co-Chairs: Betty Fu, Pasy Ip, Elizabeth Law, Lily Wu

Under our mentoring and sponsoring, there are two Z Clubs formed, the Sacred Heart Canossian College Z Club and the Yau Tze Tin School Z Club as well as the Golden Z Club of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

As part of the career talks organized for the Z Club members, a visit to Ernst and Young (E & Y) was arranged on 8 November, 2011. A similar talk and visit to PwC was organised for thirty members of the Golden Z Club of CUHK on 13 April 2012. Z Club particpants listened to heart to heart sharings by Agnes Chan and Agnes Tso, Managing Partner and Partner of E & Y and Petrina Tam, Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), our own Zontian; Golden Z Club members were briefed by Petrina Tam, Zontian Elizabeth Law and Mr. Albert Ip. On both occasions they could talk to big brothers and sisters from both firms and toured each accounting firm and learned more about the accounting profession. All Z and Golden Z members found the visits informative and interesting and gave them a better insight of the work of the accounting profession.

A visit to the High Court was organised for 38 Z and Golden Z Club members on 22 May. They were shown a video of the work of the Judiciary. Later, they attended a court hearing. All attendees found the visit interesting as they could see for themselves how a court hearing is conducted in the High Court and learned about the various levels of courts in Hong Kong and their jurisdiction. It also gave them a glimpse of the work of the legal profession.

In addition, the Golden Z Club of CUHK also organized a career talk where our Zontian Betty Chan shared with them the art of Public Relations on 12 February 2012.

On 19 November 2011, four members of the Sacred Heart Canossian College Z Club and three members of the Yau Tze Tin School Z Club took part in a mock Legislative Council (LegCo) debate organized for all the Z Clubs in Hong Kong in collaboration with the LegCo Secretariat. Mock LegCo debates were held for all the Golden Z Clubs on 20 November 2010 and 11 May 2012. Fifteen members of the Golden Z Club of CUHK took part in the debate in 2010 and ten members participated in 2012. By role-playing as legislators and government officials, participants experienced the legislative process in Hong Kong and the work of the LegCo through debating, lobbying and passing of bills. One member from the Golden Z Club of CUHK, Dennis Hui, was awarded the best performer in 2010 and a member of the Sacred Heart Canossian College Z Club won one of the three awards for the best performer in 2011.

To encourage its members to develop a caring heart for the community, the Sacred Heart Canossian College Z Club organized activities for its members to visit the underpriviledged children, the elderly and the Waste Transfer Station in Hong Kong.

With our financial support, the Golden Z Club of CUHK organized many activities during the year, including visiting the homeless, the elderly, a Cambodia Service Trip where they visited an orphanage and a home for children with Aids, a Refugee Run and provided Children Mentorship. They learned and experienced joy through serving together.

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