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Report from the Fund Raising and the 35th Anniversary Celebration Committees (2016-2018)

Fund Raising Committee Co-chairs: Rose Chung, Emmy Sham

35th Anniversary Celebration Committee Co-chairs: Yvonne Chua, Beatrice Wen

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of our Club, and to pursue our fund raising event of the current biennium (2016-2018), our two Committees have joined hands in organizing a Charity Gala Dinner held on November 25, 2017 at the Grand Ballroom of Regal Airport Hotel.

We were pleased that for 12 months, our joint committees comprising of 18 members have diligently worked together in unity and harmony on the detail preparations of our Charity Dinner with continual progress being reported to the Board and the Club. Upon the untiring efforts of our members, excitingly the Charity Dinner came to fruition on the scheduled day as a big sparkle and success. Under the theme of Coral and Jade as specifically chosen to match our 35th anniversary stones, our members had all adopted this dress code with the venue also beautifully decorated accordingly. Our program included distinguished guest performers showcasing the wonder of both Western and Chinese music; lucky draw; silent auction; as well as sales booths as operated by different companies offering at discounted price quality branded products ranging from wine, gourmet food to skincare, scarves, electrical goods. We also took the opportunity to promote ‘Zonta Says No to Violence’.

It has been a most enjoyable evening with over 440 guests including Zonta dignitaries, VIP guests and other Zonta club presidents having graced our event with their participation. A net income of HK$2,447,000 was raised which was an amazing result. We are deeply grateful to all sponsors and donors for their contributions.

This great achievement would not have been possible without the unreserved devotion and support of all members of our club. The strong bonding, love and care amongst our members is the wonderful spirit of the Zonta Club of N.T. that we all take pride in and deeply cherish.

All responsibilities of the Fund raising Committee as set under the Terms of Reference have been duly complied with the terminal financial reports being submitted to the board and our members.

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