To encourage service to the community within secondary schools and universities, we have set upZ Clubs and Golden Z Clubs as follows:

Golden Z Club Chinese University of Hong Kong

Z Clubs

1. The Methodist Church Hong Kong, Wesley College
2. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Yau Tze Tin Memorial College


Whilst encouraging and supporting the students as they organised their own social service projects, our members have also actively interacted with the students in many activities. In particular, our Z Club and Golden Z Club members formed strong support teams to assist in our two Charity Sales, the Green Walk and Day Camps with the Adventure Corps.

With a view to providing career guidance to our Golden Z Club students at Chinese University of Hong Kong, memtorship programmes were specially held for them including on ” Accounting and Finance” and “Law and Me”. Presentations were given by Zontians experted in the area and judging from the number of participants and the endless questions and responses received, one can tell that the students have found the programmes very meaningful.

To encourage students to participate in public affairs and to prepare them for their service in the communities, special ” Zonta Club of the New Territories Young Women/Men in Public Affairs Award. The winner was recommended to enter the District 17 Award. Chung Mui Yi from Yau Tze Tin Memorial College was the recipient of the 2002-2003 YWPAA District 17 Top 20 Award.

To promote their environmental awareness, since 2000, we sponsored their participation in the Environmental Ambassador Program as jointly organised by Zonta Club District 17, the Environmental Protection Department and the Environmental Campaign Committee when Zontians and students attended environmental workshops and visited nature reserve and environmental facilities.

To promote better understanding of the law making process in Hong Kong, the Zonta Clubs in Hong Kong sponsored a workshop on “Legislative Process” for our Golden Z and Z Clubs at the Legislative Council Building in November 2003.

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